Case Study

Skellefteå Kraft launches pioneering digital energy trading tool

Skellefteå Kraft wanted to upgrade Skepool, a web-based tool supporting electricity commodity trading to its customers of municipality-owned electric utility companies. Hello Future designed a digital service platform based on customer needs that is easy to use and creates additional business value for customers and Skellefteå Kraft.


When updating a legacy IT solution aimed at professional users, organizations often face a challenge in convincing customers the upgrade is necessary and ensuring that the customer has an improved and enhanced experience.

With Skepool we needed to:

To strengthen their business, Skepool needed to be more than a tool for electricity commodity trading. We saw an opportunity for them to become a platform for community building and knowledge sharing among existing customers. We also knew we could improve the customer experience of the trading tool with increased focus on core tasks, increased ease of use and improved design.

The overall goal was to create a unified digital service platform - designed to deliver different services and maintain flexibility to grow alongside Skepool for many years to come.

How Hello Future helped

An ambitious interview study was undertaken to gather knowledge and insights about Skepool and their clients. We interviewed clients and stakeholders all over Sweden, with the help of qualitative interviews and “contextual enquiries” where we studied and documented how users actually used Skepool in their everyday routine. The result was delivered in a report to the management which contained new insights as well as giving us a lot of material and ideas to work further with.

”Hello Future’s focus on user participation in several stages of the development process gave us valuable feedback while creating a sense of participation in the project among customers”

Marina Markström, Skellefteå kraft

In order to take advantage of all the possibilities, we proceeded with an iterative design and development process with Skellefteå Kraft where we worked according to the following model with a Scrum model based on users’ needs.

Skepool process

This agile scrum-like project structure allowed us to adapt and shift priorities based on new levels of shared knowledge and insights.

Our experience updating legacy customer-centric services with organisations, large and small, would be beneficial for any companies looking to upgrade their touchpoints with customers.


We developed a web-based service portal where several services can be accessed. Customers can do everything from buying and selling electricity to accessing fresh market insights, reports, and webinars. There’s also a forum where customers share knowledge and connect with each other. The project is currently in progress and new functionality and modules are continuously being deployed.

The new service portal is an important tool for a more effective and engaging collaboration between Skepool and their customers. Something that also has been proven very valuable for customers is the increased possibility for them to interact between themselves, without any direct involvement from Skepool.

Just as importantly, the new service has won Skepool several more customers.


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