Case Study

Access Nature launches new app to help users find and share great nature activities

The app’s founder, Fredrik Brännström, came to Hello Future in late 2015 with an initial concept that we started to explore in order to find the core of the potential product. Hello Future helped this start-up create the whole service experience, from brand identity to app development. The app, which helps people find and share great places for nature activities, is now available on iOS (and soon on Android).

”Hello Future’s agile, customer-centric approach meant that the app was a joy to develop. They took my idea and researched and implemented it brilliantly - it was a truly collaborative process.”


The biggest challenge for a start-up is to find the essence of the product, stay focused on that up until the first release, and have the courage to say “no” to all the new exciting ideas that will come up during the process.

Another key challenge for the Access Nature project was to allow for user-created content, and still create a visually simple and compelling interface and user experience. So, we had three main challenges.

How Hello Future helped

The number one priority in a human-centered design process is to understand the users and empathise with them. What were the needs, expectations, and behaviors of Access Nature’s potential customers? What does the user journey look like? Following on from that research, we also conducted usability research to be sure that Access Nature’s user interface was as accessible and simple-to-use as possible.

Our experience of helping with several start-up journeys was invaluable. We started by creating a minimum viable product (MVP) that we tested with real users, and continued to work using a human-centered and iterative method through the whole process. We created all graphic material, user flows, interaction design, and developed the initial iOS app. An Android app is currently in development.

Our experience designing customer-centric apps with organisations, large and small, would be beneficial for any companies looking to improve their touchpoints with customers.


With the Access Nature app, you can discover and share great, lesser-known nature experiences in your area.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for more exciting adventures, the app also offers commercial activities hosted by experienced guides. The guides are selected and screened by Access Nature to make sure they offer high quality adventures.

With the app, you can:

The app has only so far been launched in selected parts of Sweden but a fuller roll-out is expected soon.

Download the app here


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