Who do you want to be in the future?

We believe in a future where people, business and innovation flourish beyond the world's major cities and tech clusters. So we help people and organizations build digital skills and digital services so they can take control of their own future.

We are driven by people, design and big dreams for the future

Digital technology allows us to solve old problems in new ways. As established organizational structures shift and fracture and people’s behavior changes increasingly swiftly, digitalization opens up new markets, business models and digital services.

Such rapid change can be a little scary but we are convinced that there is room for everyone in the digital society. However, you will need to dream big and ask yourself: “What do we want to be in the future?”

It is the start of what is called digital transformation; a conscious organizational change where, through innovation and design methodology, you are helped to explore and develop new digital business opportunities and offers.

Digital transformation is about

Creating a future proof organization

What is digital transformation?

What we do

Strategy and management support

Digitalization is about change and Hello Future has given us a totally new perspective when we look at our business

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Where do you fit in a digital world, and how can you explore new business models and digital services that respond to changing customer behaviors?

We can help you craft a motivating vision, create strategic clarity and identify, and formulate and validate new digital business opportunities.

Selected clients:

Kunder inom strategi och ledningsstöd

What we do

Product and service design

Hello Future's focus on involving users throughout the design and development process provided valuable insights and simultaneously created a sense of ownership among our customers

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How can you find agile, modern ways to develop future products and services that will match people’s needs and demands?

With the help of service design, startup methodology and an integrated development team, we help traditional, established industries transition into the future.

Selected clients:

Kunder inom produktutveckling och tjänstedesign

What we do

Skills development

Hello Future trained and coached our staff in service design methodology to help them develop digital services, and helped us on our digital transformation journey

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What is digitalization and digital transformation, and how does it affect your organization? Which culture and which methods can make you a more digital organization?

We organize courses in digital transformation and provide methodological support and coaching in your daily work.

Selected clients:

Kunder inom kompetensutveckling